Variable Denier caused by Debris in Heated Godet Box – Case Study

Customer overview

A manufacturer of tire cord fiber has invested in the Instrumar Fiber System (IFS) to modernize and integrate the latest advancements in quality control. The plant aims to strategically enhance operational efficiency by reducing costs, improving maintenance practices, and addressing labor challenges effectively in today’s tight market conditions.

Event Reported by Instrumar Fiber System

The Instrumar Fiber System detected unusual data variation consistent with variable denier on a certain position. Due to the plant's quality standards, the PlantView software immediately downgraded the package to a second-tier quality, and alerted plant personnel through the IFS dashboard on the floor.

Maintenance Team Findings

Based on the Instrumar variable denier alarm, an operator investigated and identified a build-up of tangled, loose fibers or a “roll” in the heated godet box. The roll was bouncing around in the box, and banging into the fibers on the godets, causing filaments to drop from the fiber. The operator was able to clear the roll from the box, cut back the position, clean the godets and re-string the position to ensure all packages were within specification again.

Cost Avoided/Efficiency Gained

• Without Instrumar, a roll within the godet box would not be apparent to operators until they checked the box, and as such can persist for multiple doffs, but will eventually end in a line-break.
• These rolls can cause multiple serious quality defects in the fiber which would not all be visible by typical lab testing. Therefore, such events typically result in downgrades to the package and the need to check historical packages to see when the problem started.
• With the early detection by the Instrumar Fiber System, the plant implemented a controlled break, effectively avoiding significant fiber wastage, production losses, and preventing customer claims.

Customer Feedback

"At the heart of it, IFS sees things that might slip through the cracks in our processes. Those early alerts from the Instrumar Fiber System have been real game-changers for us. They've kept our downtime short, our productivity up, and saved us from waiting for issues to reach a crisis point. IFS has become a crucial part of how we work."

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