Godet Wraps due to Broken Filaments – Case Study

Customer overview

A leading manufacturer of nylon fibers, specializing in tire cord applications, relies on the Instrumar Fiber System for quality control within the IDY process. The Instrumar Fiber System (IFS) is an integral component of their production, ensuring stringent quality standards are maintained for all of their critical products.

Event Reported by Instrumar Fiber System

The Instrumar Fiber System identified data patterns that indicated filaments on one position starting to wrap around a godet. IFS promptly downgraded the package and issued a real-time alarm to notify the operator, indicating a potential godet wrap issue.

Maintenance Team Findings

Based on Instrumar’s intuitive dashboards located in the control room and on the plant floor, the operator was quickly alerted to the issue and was able to promptly verify the wrap and cut back the position to clear the wrap and re-string .

Cost Avoided/Efficiency Gained

• Godet wraps typically lead to a line break, but the real-time monitoring from the Instrumar Fiber System allows such events to be immediately identified and fixed, resulting in reduced waste, higher yield, and the potential of sub-standard packages reaching customers.
• Analysis of IFS data can easily identify statistically high occurrences of such problems, helping maintenance teams take proactive action to fix machine issues, thereby minimizing future occurrences of issues such as godet wraps.

Customer Feedback

"IFS is more than a add-on to our production; it's a cornerstone of our success in delivering top-graded fiber. Its real-time monitoring capabilities and proactive alerts have made our maintenance more efficient and allowed us to improve the efficiency of our operations."

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