Knots/Slubs in Textile Fiber from a Misaligned Guide – Case Study

Customer overview

A large Nylon fiber producer making high value textile products through a DTY process use the Instrumar Fiber System to help them improve quality, reduce waste and lower costs.

Event Reported by Instrumar Fiber System

The Instrumar Fiber System (IFS) detected a slub (or knot) in the fiber, which is often caused by one or more filaments that get separated from the fiber bundle and then pulled back on themselves, creating a tangle of filaments on the fiber. These slubs can lead to dyeing inconsistencies in downstream fabric production. Due to the plant’s quality concerns over such problems, IFS immediately downgraded the package and flagged it for additional lab testing.

Maintenance Team Findings

As a result of the IFS alert, the machine operator investigated and noticed a misaligned guide in the yarn path, causing increased friction on the fiber that can lead to filaments breaking or pulling out from the fiber bundle. The operator alerted the maintenance team who were able to realign the guide without disrupting the production line.

Cost Avoided/Efficiency Gained

• As knots and slubs can occur at any point in the package, they are often missed in lab testing and could have resulted in customer claims on this and other packages until the guide was realigned.

• The elevated friction on the fiber could have also caused line breaks and additional downtime due to the need for string-ups.

• The seamless integration of IFS with the machine PLC system, allowed for the immediate downgrade of the package as soon as this defect was detected in real-time, effectively averting any potential customer claims and reputational damage.

Customer Feedback

“With our client being highly sensitive to this issue, we prevented a bad package from being shipped to the customer unnoticed. I sleep a lot better knowing I’ve got IFS catching these types of issues and stopping them from getting out the door.”

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