Fiber Applications

The Instrumar Fiber System is helping a range of fiber producers produce better, more profitable fiber for a variety of applications, and is making them a better supply partner for end customers and brands across the globe.

Proven Performance

The Instrumar Fiber System is suitable for a wide range of fibers and weights. Our technology works seamlessly with a variety of fibers from 20 – 6000 dtex. The powerful analytics software and actionable alarms can be customized to track only the production metrics and critical information important to your unique fiber production. Our customers have benefited from substantial reductions in expensive customer claims and extensive labour savings associated with maintaining yarn quality.

“When I’ve got Instrumar running, I can’t create any better product than that.”

Getting Started


Our dedicated and insightful team will work with you to assess your needs and provide recommendations on the best system to future-proof your fiber production. Here’s how we typically work with our customers to start delivering value with the Instrumar Fiber System as quickly as possible:

Fact-finding Discussion

It’s amazing how much money a half-hour discussion has saved our customers over the years.

Test Installation

After developing our solution, new Instrumar customers often like to conduct trials on a few threadlines.

Budget Approval

We’ve been in this business a long time, and we understand the capital and operational budgeting processes used by many fiber producers.


Once budget approval is in place, we’ll work with your engineering, process and plant personnel to plan for the implementation of the Instrumar Fiber System.

Ongoing Partnership & Support

We consider ourselves to be your partners in improving your quality and production.

Over the years, the Instrumar Fiber System has helped some of the world’s best fiber producers find solutions to their production issues. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your plant’s unique challenges and determine how the Instrumar Fiber System can help you. One simple phone call could transform your business and make you a hero within the company – we’ve seen it before!

Are you ready for real-time quality monitoring in addition to better fiber production metrics?

The Instrumar Fiber System gives you unparalleled, plant-wide insight and control over your operations. See the benefits of real-time quality management and how it can transform your fiber production!