Spin Finish Variations due to Malfunctioning Applicator – Case Study

Customer overview

A prominent producer of PET POY fibers has implemented the Instrumar Fiber System (IFS) to enhance quality, minimize costs, and reduce waste. Continuous spin finish monitoring was a concern for the customer as it lead to multiple downstream customer concerns, including dyeability issues.

Event Reported by Instrumar Fiber System

The Instrumar Fiber System began observing variations in spin finish levels in the middle of a package on one position. Based on the amount of fluctuation, Instrumar's software signalled a downgraded package to the production control software, stored event details for future analysis and reference, and sent the downgrade information to the real-time label printing system so the package was properly segregated. Based on the data signatures observed, Instrumar was also able to indicate to the control room that the likely cause of the fluctuations was a malfunctioning spin finish applicator.

Maintenance Team Findings

As a result of Instrumar’s real-time alert and indication of the likely cause of the problem, the operator was able to quickly investigate and confirm probable issues with the spin finish applicator, which was quickly changed out.

Cost Avoided/Efficiency Gained

• Spin finish variations are a common issue in fiber production. However, identifying when spin finish is out of spec is problematic in many plants, as it usually requires verification by the lab, which may not occur for many hours after production, and which may not even test the problematic packages due to the sampling methodology used. As such, significant waste can occur, and sub-standard packages can make their way to downstream customers.
• The reliable identification of spin finish variations by the Instrumar Fiber System helps this plant to reduce potential customer claims, reduce waste costs, and improve their sustainability metrics.
• Further, Instrumar’s real-time monitoring and alarming functionality provides valuable guidance to operations and maintenance teams, reducing machine downtime and increasing production yield.

Customer Feedback

"We appreciate Instrumar for its ability to spot fluctuations in spin finish. Without real-time monitoring, these issues could have lasted for hours or even days, causing us significant quality issues. IFS keeps proving its value in helping us manage our quality and efficiency."

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