Unnoticeable Fluff Event due to Debris in Relaxation Roll – Case Study

Customer overview

A manufacturer of nylon fiber for tire cord applications has incorporated the Instrumar Fiber System (IFS) for automated defect monitoring and production intelligence.

Event Reported by Instrumar Fiber System

The Instrumar Fiber System identified random, short-term movements in certain data signals indicative of a fluff event, where a group of filaments stick out of the bundle. Without delay, the system downgraded the package and flagged the package status on the dashboard. The software also alerted the plant personnel.

Maintenance Team Findings

Upon receiving an alert from the Instrumar Fiber System, the operator investigated the position and identified a build-up of debris on the relaxation roll. The operator cleared the debris , without interrupting the ongoing production process.

Cost Avoided/Efficiency Gained

• Fluffs can lead to downstream issues in weaving.
• Because fluff events are extremely short, the defect often escapes traditional visual and lab-based quality reviews. Given that events can occur anywhere throughout the package, spot checks prove ineffective in identifying such defects.
• The Instrumar Fiber System's real-time monitoring of 100% of production enabled the plant to consistently identify fluff events, downgrade packages as needed and effectively prevent customer claims related to product issues, productivity loss, and prolonged machine downtime for maintenance.

Customer Feedback

"IFS always has our back in making sure that bad products don’t get out the door. It’s a peace of mind both for the operation and for the business. It has enabled us to access and serve quality-demanding markets, incur less customer claims, and win more businesses."

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