Why Instrumar

The Instrumar Fiber System gives you unrivalled insights and control over your fiber production facility, with over 20 years experience partnering with leading global fiber manufacturers.

The Future of Fiber

The fiber production industry is going through a period of massive change. Customers are demanding premium quality fiber, with less tolerance for defects. They’re interested in smaller orders for unique, critical products, with tighter delivery deadlines – while also looking for better pricing and claims support. With their eyes on sustainability, brands are looking to fiber producers to show how they’re improving the environmental footprint of their fiber production.

Get Ahead With The Instrumar Fiber System

You have the opportunity to get out in front of the disruption and build your competitive advantage. With Instrumar’s robust electromagnetic sensor technology, you ensure the high quality of your yarns in real-time. For your company, this means higher efficiency in production, fewer costly quality claims from customers, and a reputation for customer reliability and environmental responsibility. For your bottom line, that adds up to higher profits.

Focus your production

Are you ready for real-time quality monitoring in addition to better fiber production metrics? Gain unparalleled, plant-wide insight and control over your operations with the Instrumar Fiber System!

Key Benefits

The Instrumar Fiber System gives you the ability to transform your production, from the plant floor to the executive office. Our intelligent, in-line sensor solutions provide you with meaningful, real-time insight into your fiber production processes.

Reduce your costs, grow revenue

The Instrumar Fiber System will help you achieve a significant ROI with lower production costs, reduced customer claims, and increased product value. Maximize machine uptime to increase your yields and spend less resources in the lab – don’t wait hours or days to identify bad yarn in the lab or from your downstream customers.

Maximize & guarantee your quality

Improve your brand by producing consistently higher quality fiber. Monitor every meter of fiber produced and be confident that defects are being identified throughout every package, not just the ones that get inspected by your lab. With Instrumar, you’ll be able provide full traceability on every package to investigate and respond to customer claims.

Improve your sustainability

Reduce the environmental footprint of your fiber production and gain an advantage in your customers’ supplier sustainability requirements. Limit wasting raw resources and save energy by immediately identifying bad fiber and short-doffing to avoid downgraded packages and lost profit. Improved machine uptime and quicker product changeovers mean you’re getting more efficient use of resources. Instrumar helps you better integrate recycled feedstocks into your production and effectively manage the impact of recycled materials on your grading and line breaks.


The Instrumar Fiber System gives you unparalleled, plant-wide insight and control over your operations. See the benefits of real-time quality management and how it can transform your fiber production!