Industrial Applications

The Instrumar Fiber System (IFS) has been used heavily in the production of industrial fibers for over 20 years. In fact, 85% of airbag fiber production in North American is monitored by Instrumar technology. Our technology works to monitor our customers’ most critical fibers for issues in production such as filament migrations, denier evenness and node count while providing a birds-eye-view of production status and machine efficiency in real-time.

“With instrumar in place, we are better than our competitors”


The Instrumar Fiber System reliably monitors and detects common fiber production problems in real-time, providing you with the ability to immediately react to problems and minimize downgraded product. And by keeping a history of every product and package run, our customers can drastically reduce product changeover times regardless of specifications. With Instrumar, you’ll be able to profitably fulfill smaller customer requests and accommodate a wider range of products.

Our technology accurately and immediately detects filament migrations caused by string-up errors, doffs and even migrations that occur during winding but which can self-correct inside the package – making them undetectable in the lab or by differential weight.

In addition, the Instrumar Fiber System also measures node count continuously on every threadline, and analyzes bundle consistency to spot issues such as inconsistent quench or filament loss. The Instrumar Fiber System drastically reduces inconsistency issues and ensures every meter of your fiber meets the needs of your most demanding customers.

At a glance, easy-to-understand graphical displays can communicate your production status in real-time to operators, shift supervisors, production managers and executive personnel alike – giving the right information to the right people.

“all of management can look at one screen and focus immediately.”

common issues the instrumar fiber system is currently used to detect:







Operator error

“instrumar allows us to see quality before we make bad yarn.”

Reaping The Benefits:

Why rely on random or infrequent lab tests to catch issues after they happen? Using advanced analytics software, the Instrumar Fiber System lets you spot production outliers as they happen and target your testing resources instead. The insights you’ll gain using the Instrumar Fiber System will benefit your entire process.

“having instrumar installed allows us to avoid downtime.”

Being able to identify poorly running machine positions allows you to employ more timely, directed use of maintenance, while features like detailed shift reporting help you understand differences in performance between shifts and identify where training can improve shift productivity.

Before installing the Instrumar Fiber System, one of our customers was having such a problem with filament migrations that they were sending every fiber package to the lab for quality testing before shipping – wasting countless dollars in labour and resources. Using the Instrumar Fiber System, they were able to eliminate the issue and switch to a targeted, more effective testing program, saving millions in the process.


Above all else, the most important benefit of the Instrumar Fiber System expressed by our customers is the drastic reduction in customer claims they’ve achieved. Not only do claims cost you substantial financial compensation, but products returned in claims increase waste and impact your environmental footprint, while seriously damaging your reputation and brand.

“when I’ve got instrumar running, I can’t create any better product than that.”

catch issues before they cost you

Installing the Instrumar Fiber System is like adding a layer of protection to your reputation and brand – contact us today to learn more!