Recycled Feedstock

The incorporation of recycled feedstock into the production of synthetic fiber has presented new challenges for manufacturers looking to increase their sustainability. Recycled materials are much more abrasive on production equipment and cause more line breaks, and they can lead to consistency issues in the fiber composition due to impurities and differences in melting profile.


As customers and markets move towards more sustainable practices, the use of recycled feedstock in fiber production has risen greatly. The Instrumar Fiber System is well suited for plants looking to get in and decrease their environmental footprint through the use of recycled feedstock. Our durable and extremely robust sensors and thread guides are proven to withstand increased abrasion from recycled materials.

The Instrumar Fiber System drastically reduces inconsistency issues and ensures every meter of your textiles meets the most demanding specifications. It’s even able to accurately identify blown filaments – common with use of recycled feedstock, often leading to costly line breaks.

“instrumar allows us to see quality before we make bad yarn.”

Reaping The Benefits:

Recycled feedstock tends to be less consistent and has more contaminants. Our customers enjoy the ability to fine-tune their production and isolate the impact of varying proportions of recycled content on product stability and quality. Now your quality managers can assess and record what percentage of recycled feedstock is acceptable for each unique product or individual customer order!

“having instrumar installed allows us to avoid downtime.”

Due to the abrasive nature of recycled feedstock, fiber producers often run their process at slower speeds to reduce inefficiencies such as excessive line breaks. With the Instrumar Fiber System, you get a birds-eye-view of your production status and machine health, allowing you to optimize production rates and maximize machine uptime.

“customer support is just incredible.”

Above all else, the most important benefit expressed by our customers is the drastic reduction in customer claims. Not only do claims cost you the substantial financial compensation involved, but products returned in claims as “scrap” increase waste and impact your environmental footprint while damaging your reputation and brand. One Instrumar customer in the BCF carpet market reported a 20x reduction in the claims portion of their cost-per-pound.



catch issues before they cost you

Installing the Instrumar Fiber System is like adding a layer of protection to your reputation and brand – contact us today to learn more!