Other Applications

Other Applications

Instrumar’s technology can be adapted to meet a wide range of challenging requirements for other industries, with current applications in the aviation and oil detection industries. Our capabilities and expertise are also offered and utilized in the growing medical start-up field.

Our capabilities extend beyond the world of synthetic fiber production.

Oil Detection

Instrumar has developed a reliable, cost-effective oil leak detection system designed to mitigate the impact of a pipeline breach for the pipeline operator, the public and the environment. Lab results show that the system can reliably and rapidly detect oil.

Unlike many other leak detection systems, Instrumar’s system is not dependent on any particular leak rate.


  • Reliable Direct Detection Of Oil
  • Oil Detection Independent Of Leak Rate
  • Competitive Capital & Installation Cost
  • Engineered For Harsh Environments
  • Designed For Both Retrofit Upgrades & New Installations

Ice Detection

Instrumar has applied its technology from man-made polymer fiber monitoring to in-air ice detection in aircraft, including super cooled large droplets (SLD) and ice crystals in engines.

Instrumar’s SLD sensor system has been successfully tested with a major OEM at an icing tunnel.

The system scope includes:

  • Wing Mounted Sensors
  • Engine Area Surfaces
  • Icing Enunciation
  • Heater Control
  • Interface & Full Software For Data Acquisition, Output & System Control

Medical Technologies

Instrumar has been working closely with the growing medical technology start-up community in Canada. We offer our unique capabilities in the areas of design, prototyping, manufacturing, documentation, and quality program planning to this exciting field. Our team of engineering, software and manufacturing experts understand the regulatory and quality requirements of medical technology, as well as the many start-up challenges faced by new medtech companies in bringing their products to market. Reach out to see how we can help your medtech business get to market more quickly, with less risk and more success.

Research & Development

At Instrumar, we pride ourselves on providing solutions to difficult industrial problems globally. Our multidisciplinary in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities are compliant to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D standards.


The Instrumar Fiber System gives you unparalleled, plant-wide insight and control over your operations. See the benefits of real-time quality management and how it can transform your fiber production!