Plant Reporter


How It Works

Machine downtime and runability issues mean lost revenue for your operations.

The Instrumar Plant Reporter provides you with our advanced reporting and analytics software that displays a selectable array of your key plant production data on easy-to-understand, intuitive dashboards. Flexible and web-based, these dashboards can be easily shown on a range of displays. From laptops in the executive office, to plant-floor and control room monitors, the Instrumar Plant Reporter enabling you and your staff to quickly identify problems and take action.

With out-of-box functionality, our software can present a variety of key metrics and will let you see your entire plant’s production on a single or multi-screen setups. Further, Instrumar’s powerful software can also easily incorporate data from your production machinery, existing sensors and corporate databases to provide customized data, charts and alerts on the critical metrics that matter to your individual plant.

Our intuitive, at-a-glance graphical design lets you instantly identify hotspots across your plant – right down to a specific threadline – so your plant personnel can immediately take action to get your production back up and running. With access to historical data and reporting features, your process engineers can analyze recurring problems and more quickly understand what environmental or machinery issues may be causing downtime.

Why Instrumar

Instrumar has more than 20 years of experience working with some of the world’s leading fiber producers, helping them improve their quality and production. We understand the issues and metrics that matter to manmade fiber producers, and our software has been designed around the plants, people, equipment and processes used by the fiber industry.


 The Instrumar Plant Reporter provides you with a host of benefits from the plant floor all the way to the executive office, including:


Integrate signals and provide alarming for a range of production machinery, winders, and sensors (tension, optical, thread presence, etc.)


Easily integrate signals from production machinery, sensors and winders via multiple inputs such as software, PLCs and OPC.


Graphical, intuitive dashboards displaying critical production information can be installed on a variety of devices across the plant – from the executive office to the plant floor. Instrumar Fiber System displays are scalable and able to present critical performance data all one screen – regardless of the number of positions/threadlines you have in operation.


With the Instrumar Fiber System, you can easily add large screen monitors on your plant floor to display dashboard information, providing production shift personnel with real-time data to quickly identify problems and accelerate string-ups and flag maintenance issues.


The Instrumar Fiber System features customizable alerts, which can be set to notify key personnel – from machine operators to plant managers – when production problems are identified. Alarms can be on-screen, positional LED alarms, printed on labels and emailed to key personnel.

Automatic Grading

In addition to fault setting, Plant Reporter allows you to define package grades, which the system then automatically calculates based on quality defects detected during the product run. Grades can be displayed in real time, printed on labels, emailed to key personnel, and also made available in history reports.


Plant Reporter can send critical production information (date/time/product ID, position, etc.) as well as grading and other quality information to plant floor printers (for certain printer configurations) for label printing tailored to your operations.

Analytical Reports

Plant Reporter does more than just monitor your fiber production. Insightful, easy-to-read, automatically generatored reports can be produced for any shift or time period, providing comparative information across machines, shifts and products. Production information can be filtered by fault type, grade and package size. Report data can also include:

  • Yield
  • Exception (downgraded) Package Summaries
  • Statistical Process Control Summaries
  • Package Trend Summaries
  • Machine Efficiency
  • Shift productivity and comparisons
  • String-up times and comparisons
  • Break-type information (such as doff breaks)

Historic Reporting

 Analysis of historical machine performance trends facilitates Intelligent Maintenance and helps you reduce machine downtime. Plant Reporter keeps detailed records in an SQL database of every historical package and line break, allowing plants to better understand historical and current performance.

Getting Started


Our dedicated and insightful team will work with you to assess your needs and provide recommendations on the best system to future-proof your fiber production. Here’s how we typically work with our customers to start delivering value with the Instrumar Fiber System as quickly as possible:

Fact-finding Discussion

It’s amazing how much money a half-hour discussion has saved our customers over the years.

Test Installation

After developing our solution, new Instrumar customers often like to conduct trials on a few threadlines.

Budget Approval

We’ve been in this business a long time, and we understand the capital and operational budgeting processes used by many fiber producers.


Once budget approval is in place, we’ll work with your engineering, process and plant personnel to plan for the implementation of the Instrumar Fiber System.

Ongoing Partnership & Support

We consider ourselves to be your partners in improving your quality and production.

Over the years, the Instrumar Fiber System has helped some of the world’s best fiber producers find solutions to their production issues. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your plant’s unique challenges and determine how the Instrumar Fiber System can help you. One simple phone call could transform your business and make you a hero within the company – we’ve seen it before!

Are you ready for real-time quality monitoring in addition to better fiber production metrics?

The Instrumar Fiber System gives you unparalleled, plant-wide insight and control over your operations. See the benefits of real-time quality management and how it can transform your fiber production!