Pipeline Leak Detection System

Proven Technology. Reliable and Robust. Cost Competitive.


What We're Doing

Instrumar has developed a reliable, cost-effective oil leak detection system designed to mitigate the impact of a pipeline breach for the pipeline operator, the public and the environment.

Advantages over existing systems:

  1. Reliable direct detection of oil
  2. Oil detection independent of leak rate
  3. Competitve capital and installation cost
  4. Engineered for harsh environments
  5. Designed for both retrofit upgrades and new installations

Proven Patented Technology

The Instrumar Pipeline Leak Detection System is built on Instrumar’s patented technology used in other product applications to make accurate measurements of materials in both high-speed industrial processes and mission-critical aerospace systems.

Our Expertise

Instrumar has 25 years experience in developing innovative products that provide solutions to difficult industrial problems globally. Our multidisciplinary in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities are compliant to ISO900:2008 and AS9100-C standards.

Patented Techology

An electromagnetic field is generated over the sensing surface. Material approaching or contacting the sensor causes a measurable change in the electromagnetic field. This technology is currently used in thousands of installations worldwide in chemical processing, aerospace and other harsh environments.


Independently Verified

Independently verified by C-CORE. The sensor was buried in sand; oil and then water was introduced. Lab results show that the system can reliably and rapidly detect oil. Unlike many other leak detection systems, Instrumar’s system is not dependent on any particular leak rate.

Low Risk Installation

Sensor is designed to provide minimal impact on new pipeline installations. Retrofit upgrades carry a low risk because direct access to the pipeline is not required. Sensor mechanical design is similar to other geophysical probes.



Stainless steel housing engineered to handle high shock, corrosion, extreme temperatures and vibration. The sensor uses minimal electronics and has extremely low energy consumption resulting in high reliability and little to no maintenance.

Prototype Tech Specs


Height: 213 mm
Width: 50 mm