Experience in Designing Solutions for the Toughest and Most Sensitive Applications has Evolved a Unique Set of Development Skills:

  • Collaborating with our partners delivering aerospace, chemical and other harsh environment tailored solutions worldwide for 34 years
  • Leveraging detailed working knowledge of the most severe aerospace standards covering mechanical, electrical, and software disciplines
  • Using our multidisciplinary in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities compliant to ISO 9001-2008 and AS9100 standards

Sensor Technology Applications:

  • Non-intrusive flush-mount detection of material accretion on a flat or curved surface
  • Near proximity detection
  • Presence or flow detection in a tube or pipe
  • Detection of environmental weather conditions (e.g. freezing rain)
  • Non-destructive testing

How the Sensor Technology Works:

  • Electromagnetic field is generated tightly confined to the sensing surface
  • Substance approaching or contacting sensor enters electromagnetic field and this change is detected
  • Change is sensitive to material:
    • amount, size and shape
    • density, temperature, pressure, conductivity
    • structure, impurities or cracks
    • moisture content
    • flow speed
    • distance
    • presence

Custom Multi-tiered Software Solutions

  • Instrumar has a history of making complex systems simple to use
  • Our software solutions focus on getting the critical value from complex systems
  • We work closely with clients to ensure that systems provide what is needed through simple, flexible and highly customized interfaces/dashboards
  • We can seamlessly integrate existing client systems for a complete end-to-end solution
  • Advanced data algorithms turn unprocessed high-volume data into value-added information